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BlackPowerYellowPeril is a publication that documents a dialogue between Black and Asian minorities in America through interviews of both groups with same and similar questions to get the full scope of how perspective varies. While it is common to see people naturally gravitating towards their own race, it seems to be easier to see Black and Asian groups drastically divided when both have always fought against the same struggle of the White majority. Inspired by the phrase, “Yellow Peril supports Black Power,” which proclaims Asian and Black solidarity, BlackPowerYellowPeril initiates discussion on the topic of race between the two minority groups. The work was featured in We, The People, a juried exhibition curated by MICA’s Center for Identity and Inclusion.

Special thanks to Faith Chamblee, Rebecca Flisnik, Akia Jones, Angela Lee, Yuchae Lee, Ethan Wong, Emily Yeung ︎